How to use the MOCRAF website

This page takes you on a guided tour of the MOCRAF Website.

Read access is partially public but write access requires registration.

To make best use of the website you must register. You can then edit your profile, make friends, accept a friend invitation, or create a group. Also, you can invite someone to join, accept an invitation to join, or just, on your own, join a group. You need to belong to a group or have a friend if you want to follow activities regarding friends, discussion or news. 

You can change your notification settings in the top bar, on the right. You can be notified directly by email or through the site notification (see the topbar, on the left - then message button, then notification or group notification in the side bar). You can also watch the activity stream in the activity menu.

You can customise your dashboard by adding widgets (in the topbar, on the right - dashboard button). 

You can create or join a group, and you can post discussion links to a group.

You can also create content, for example:

  • blogs: where you can publish posts 
  • bookmarks: to link to a website
  • files: you can upload files and share
  • pages: you can create web pages

Please note that for all posted content you must define read and write access:

  • private
  • restricted to friends or group
  • restricted to logged in user
  • public

You can also add comments at any time if you are logged in.

If you need any help, please Contact Us.