Second Workshop - 15th and 16th Nov 2012 at Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, U.K.

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The goal is for participants to share information on:-

  • Experiences in motion control
    • At the different sites
    • System performance validation including reliability
    • Commissioning processes
    • FAT processes
    • Obsolescence management
  • Technical solutions in hardware
    • Motion controllers
    • Use of PLC based motion controllers
    • Protection including collision avoidance
    • Multi-axis devices
  • Technical solutions in software
    • Kinematic transforms
    • Complex trajectories
    • Protection including collision avoidance
    • Integration into supervisory control systems e.g. Tango, EPICS, Labview
  • Motion control challenges
    • Radiation damage to encoders
    • Submicron positioning
    • Synchronization between motors and detectors
  • Future motion control developments