ICALEPCS 2015 workshop on Motion Control Applications in Large Facilities!


The ICALEPCS MOCRAF workshop group has been created on www.MOCRAF.org to discuss about the organization of the ICALEPCS Motion Control pre-conference Workshop. Its purpose is to get feedback from attendees to make the workshop as interesting and pleasurable as possible. This group will remain alive after the workshop to be the input for the future ICALEPCS MOCRAF meeting.           

Different topics can be discussed like:

  • Experiences in motion control at the different sites: radiation  damage to encoders, in house development verses industrial product, system performance validation including reliability, obsolescence management .
  • Technical solutions in software and in low level hardware: kinematic transforms, complex trajectories, protection including collision avoidance, multi-axes and multi controller synchronization, embedded and/or hosted motion features .
  • Motion control challenges: submicron positioning, continuous and synchronous motion control and data detector's acquisition ,Motion Control and Sample  Environment
  • Automation: How should motion control fit into  the increasing automation demands of high throughput beamlines


Let us know which topics are you interested in and what are you able to present, to discuss it join us to ICALEPCS MOCRAF workshop group here: http://www.mocraf.org/groups/profile/3514/icalepcs-mocraf-workshop


For any  further information check the workshop program on  http://www.icalepcs2015.org/program-13/workshops/